What are the different ways to get rid of yard waste?

If you recently mowed the lawn, pulled weeds, or planted a garden, you might have a rather large pile of yard rubbish. If you don't want to fill up your regular yard waste bin, there are a few other options available to you. Here are some different ways to get rid of yard waste.

Use it for Compost or Mulch

When you have a need for mulch or compost, you are able to use the yard waste instead of throwing it out. This is an excellent way to recycle it and keeps you from having to get mulch from a nearby garden store. If you are going to use it for compost, remember not to put any weeds or plants that contain seeds. These might grow in the area where you store or use the compost. However, most other plants that aren't diseased or riddled with pests should work fine. Grass, leaves, pine needles, and twigs all make good compost. For mulch, you want to chop up the yard waste before using it around different landscaped areas of your yard.

Rent a Yard Waste Bin

If the yard project you did was rather large, you might need to turn to other methods of getting rid of it, such as renting a yard waste bin. Bin hire not only gives you something to throw all of the waste in when you're done with your gardening or landscaping project, but you don't need to worry about bringing it to a local waste site either.

Hire a Waste Pickup Company

Another option for having it picked up is to hire a waste pickup company. This is the easiest, yet most expensive, option. You can put the trash in piles to make it easier, though they will gather it from wherever you left it in the yard. Once they put it in the bin, they bring it to a nearby waste dump or recycling center that takes yard waste.

Drop it Off Yourself

If you want to save money but don't have any use for the waste in your yard, consider putting it all in rubbish bags and bringing it to a nearby yard waste dump. This requires a little more labor work on your part, and you might have a truck filled with bags if it is was a big project. However, if you try to save the bags and do this once a month or so, it might not be too bad of a job.

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